Chicago area gauge cluster and speedometer repair service

Do you live in the Chicago Metro area or Northern Illinois?

Do you have a problematic gauge cluster, or speedometer in your vehicle?

Tanin Electronix is a short drive just north of the Wisconsin Illinois border and we are ready to solve your problems.

If you are looking for speedometer repair in Chicago, instrument cluster repair in Chicago, or speedometer calibration in Chicago we have the tools and equipment to handle any problems you may have.

Dealerships typically are not able to order clusters for older vehicles, even if that vehicle is 5-10 years old. Independent auto repair shops do not have the experience, training, and tools to repair your speedometer. These shops typically would search for our company online and then ship your cluster to us for repair.

Why not eliminate the shops and dealerships and communicate with the solution directly?

If you are replacing a speedometer then you absolutely need the mileage to match what the old speedometer used to display. You can find that service at our Speedometer Digital Odometer Mileage Correction.

If you are looking to fix your speedometer then check out our instrument cluster repair.

If your problem is more complicated then schedule an appointment or complete a contact form on our instrument cluster repair service near Chicago inquiry page

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