If you search for Auto electronics repair it is a very broad category with many results all across the country. There are thousands of small businesses that focus on engine electrical repair such as alternators, starters, power windows, headlights, tail lights, and other circuitry related to the vehicle chassis and engine bay. Many of these systems are integrated with your typical auto repair shops or dealerships. They usually have no problem replacing an alternator, starter, or troubleshooting a wiring harness issue that may have been damaged by heat or rodents. While these typical auto shops do great work on these items where they typically struggle is where the FSM’s or factory service manuals stop.

There is no guidance on repairing a speedometer, navigation unit, radio, climate control, or switch. The vehicle manufacturers and their manuals simply state to “replace” the bad unit. This is simply unacceptable to us so we created an entire business around it.

At Tanin Auto Electronix we take the broad auto electronics category and focus it into the cabin of the vehicle, where the driver sits. We ensure the electronics that are most vital and important to the driver are in perfect functioning condition. When a dealer or auto repair shop says replacing a gauge cluster or $4000 navigation and radio unit is the only solution – it typically is not.

Common Ford center display screen that fails – we have the solution!

Over time electronics fail. With constant use, movement, heat, and touching things just simply wear out. Within a speedometer there are hundreds of electronic components, small SMD LED lights, and other devices that ensure it displays brightly at night and even turns on at all. We have the knowledge and ability to completely disassemble a speedometer, replace all of the bad components and effectively return it to a brand new state. This is increasingly important today with supply chain issues and many speedometers being discontinued after 5-10 years or even sooner. We have recently found out that many Toyota Yakazi manufactured speedometers are on a ONE year backorder from Toyota. In times like these we stockpile every speedometer we can get our hands on to ensure customers can get what they need from us immediately.

Moving on is the center console area that includes the navigation stack. This typically includes a touchscreen, radio dials, and a lot of buttons. We find the most common issue is touchpad failure. A dealer will certainly charge $4000 for an entire new unit when the reality is we can replace the bad touchscreen with a brand new one for a couple hundred dollars. We can also replace many of the small LED’s that illuminate each button, sometimes with different colors, but most of the time to restore the factory original look.

Modern day Lexus navigation unit. We repair the center touchpad, the entire center screen, and all lighting under the buttons

Modern day climate control units are typically integrated into the center console stack. From 1990 through roughly the mid 2000’s the climate control unit was usually a separate unit. We sell completely refurbished climate control units and also repair issues such as lighting and knob control issues. If buttons or protective lenses are damaged, scratched or sun faded we design and manufacture brand new ones. There is no such thing as a problem here at Tanin Auto Electronix. We immediately search for and design a solution if the answer doesn’t currently exist anywhere. We are currently designing brand new “buttons” for the GM climate control units between 2003 and 2007. 90% of the time these are worn out and they cannot be purchased anywhere.

We hope your auto electronic issues involve some of the problems we described above. We would love to hear about your issues and get your vehicle interior working correctly again.

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