2008 – 2015 Ford F-Series Truck Gauge Cluster Problems

Ford F-series truck clusters are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the used market, especially with years prior to 2008. While we do receive a lot of questions and requests about these gauge clusters we do not have a specific website page to purchase one.

Typical problems we hear about on these clusters are lighting failures, some areas of lighting not working, broken needles, non-working gauges or bad stepper motors, or total cluster failure. You can send us an inquiry and we can determine the best (and cheapest) course of action for you. Just visit our 2008 – 2015 Ford Truck Instrument Cluster Replacement Inquiry page.

Ford decided to make literally dozens and dozens of different part numbers for these trucks that makes it a nightmare to locate an exact replacement part number. These clusters have different sized and colored screens, different needles, needle color, lighting, and gauge overlays for each trim vehicle they make. What’s also challenging is typically you need to program a replacement cluster after you install it in order for the truck to start again. The security system is tied to the electronics in the gauge cluster.

If you have an F-150 with the color center screen we do offer a solution with our TAE 2011-2014 Ford F-150 Instrument Cluster LCD Screen. This is a quick and easy DIY solution for you that will not require any programming. You will need to disassemble the cluster to an extent, but our screen will typically fix your “black” or “white” display screen problems and restore the cluster to like new condition.

2013 Ford F150 Cluster
2013 Ford F150 Cluster

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