2003 – 2008 Mercedes R230 Gauge Cluster repair by Tanin Auto Electronix

The Mercedes R230 SL-Class was introduced in 2001 as a two-door sports car. They came in various different models and engine sizes. The SL350 was available from 2002-2006 along with the SL500. The SL 55 AMG was made from 2003-2006 along with the SL600. The SL65 AMG was released in 2004-2006.

There were some changes in the 2006 model year with new engines and improved performance. A new 7-speed transmission was fitted and some exterior styling changes were made such as a new bumper, fog lamps, new wheels, rear light, and some interior upgrades.

The SL350, SL500, new SL550, SL55 AMG, SL600, and SL65 AMG all ran from 2006-2008 with their facelift versions.

Tanin Auto Electronix became aware of the common LCD screen failure around 2016. After many years of research and enough customers having the same issue it became clear that we needed to come up with a solution. In 2020 we had our first prototype of the new LCD screen. By 2021 we had them produced and stocked.

These gauge clusters can be complicated to take apart and put back together correctly again. If you are not careful you can break the needles, break the LCD screens, break the clips holding the LCD screen ribbons, and do other internal damage to the gauge cluster.

In addition to selling the Mercedes Benz 2003 – 2008 R230 SL Series Instrument Cluster LCD set we also offer the 2003 – 2008 Mercedes Benz R230 SL series gauge cluster screen repair service.

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