2003 – 2007 Infiniti G35 and G37 gauge cluster speedometer repair and sales by Tanin Auto Electronix

The Infiniti G35 and G37 was released as a 2003 model year vehicle in coupe and sedan format. The 2003-2004 gauge clusters had far fewer problems than their later editions. The G35 platform was also used by the 350Z and Infiniti FX series. All model years are front engine, rear wheel drive which makes them balanced and suited for the sports car driver. If you are a fan of the Lexus SC300 and SC400 then the 350Z or G35 should be a familiar and modern upgrade.

The Infiniti G35 and G37 clusters have many issues including dim backlighting, flickering backlighting, and fuel gauge issues. The fuel gauge problem is most widespread and lead to the gauge reading wrong, not reading at all, or even a P0462 check engine light for the fuel level or sender.

Another common issue can be the manual shifting or sport shifting mode not working anymore or intermittently working on an automatic vehicle. We recommend a replacement cluster as this specific issue is not repairable.

Tanin Auto Electronix established a repair service for the most common issues. We also stock all of the most common part numbers. If you don’t want to send in your cluster for repair then you can simply purchase a completely refurbished gauge cluster with the mileage matching your vehicle.

Information on our repair service can be found here. That page also has direct links to each of our G35 gauge clusters available for purchase. It is important to order the exact part number that matches your original. Installing a different part number will lead to the vehicle being in limp mode, not able to shift, check engine lights, misfires, or other random problems. This is a common issue with Nissan and Infiniti gauge clusters. We are not sure why they made things so difficult.

Stock levels vary as well as supply and demand so they may not always be in stock.

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