1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400 Climate Control TAE LCD Cover Replacement

⦁ Start by laying your climate control down and looking at it from the top. Then locate the small gap between the front face and the front housing.

⦁ Next, insert a medium-sized flat head screwdriver in the small gap (seated in the gap) and turn the flat head counter clockwise so that it pulls apart the front face. This is going to start separating the front part of the face so we can get to the LCD cover.

⦁ Continue to go around the climate control separating the front face from the front housing and you will notice that the front face will start to come off to the point where you can just peel it off. The pictures below show the front face lose and ready to be peeled off.

⦁ When the front face is ready to be removed. Seat the climate control face up so that if you look at it from the top you will see the front face (as shown in the picture).

⦁ Next, you can pull/peel the face off and it should look like the picture below. Keep Note: Beware that the clear plastic diffusers fall off so it would be a good idea to tape them down.

⦁ Then you are going to need to peel off the old long plastic LCD cover. You can do this by using a small flat head to lift a corner of the plastic. Then, once you have enough room to grab on to it you can peel it off. (see pictures)

⦁ Next, make sure to clean any debris from the LCD (you can use a lens cleaner cloth) and grab your new TAE LCD Cover. Remove the white tape strips so that only the sticky part is left and align the LCD Cover as shown (image on the next page). The sticky tape should be facing inward toward the climate. Once you have successfully done this you can remove the plastic film in the front part of the LCD Cover.

⦁ Finally, you can put the front face back on by aligning it correctly and pushing it back on. If done correctly the front face should not be loose and should feel exactly like how it did initially.

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